Haowen Shi


Computer engineering and robotics enthusiast.

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About Me

I am interested in Robotics, Computer Engineering, and basically anything computer related (except compilers, which are black magic to me and I am happy with it staying that way).


Work Experiences

Mach9 Robotics Inc.

Apple Inc.

Carnegie Mellon University

Recent News

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Implementation for Planning in Generalized Belief Space (GBS)

Matlab implementation of an active-perception planner that plans uncertainty-reducing behaviors.

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Parallel LiDAR Depth Image Renderer

Parallel implementation of a renderer projecting 3D LiDAR points to 2D image.

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Visual Servoing for Flexible Robot Manipulators

A method to solve the inverse kinematics problem for robot manipulators with flexible links

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Robomonkey Jogging Companion

CMU Robotics System Engineering + Robotics Capstone Project


Last updated: May 2020
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