Haowen Shi


Computer engineering and robotics enthusiast.

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Relevant Courses

This is a partial list of the courses I have taken.

CMU B.S. in ECE + Robotics Additional Major (2015-2019)

18-578 Mechatronic Design
15-410 Operating Systems Design/Impl
15-440 Distributed Systems
15-462 Computer Graphics
18-349 Intro to Embedded Systems
15-214 Principles of Software Construction
15-213 Intro to Computer Systems
18-330 Intro to Computer Security
18-370 Fundamentals of Control
18-290 Signals and Systems
18-240 Structure and Design of Digital Systems
18-220 Electronic Devcies and Analog Circuits

16-474 Robotics Capstone
16-450 Robotics Systems Engineering
16-384 Robot Kinematics and Dynamics
16-385 Computer Vision
10-601 Intro to Machine Learning
16-311 Intro to Robotics

03-121 Modern Biology
80-180 Nature of Language

CMU M.S. in Robotics (2019-2021)

16-811 Math Fundamentals for Robotics
16-833 Robot Localization and Mapping
15-418 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming
16-711 Kinematics, Dynamics and Control
16-899 Adaptive Control & Reinforcement Learning
16-748 Underactuated Robotics
16-720 Computer Vision
16-831 Statistical Techniques in Robotics